Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why Businesses Need Mobile VoIP

There are several good reasons why your company should take advantage of mobile VoIP. This is not just a matter of keeping up with what's popular or current. Mobile VoIP is about enabling your partners and employees with what is perhaps the best telecommunications tool around.

What exactly are the benefits of mobile VoIP? Here's the short-list.

Connectivity: Probably the most important aspect of VoIP – mobile or otherwise – is the unparalleled connectivity you get to enjoy. Anywhere you are, in or out of your office, you can remain connected and collaborating with your co-workers and partners. You can be on a business trip somewhere and still make meetings at your home office through VoIP. You just need to make sure you have access to a Wi-Fi network so you can keep your costs low.

Cooperation: Mobile VoIP is a great way to keep your staff working together. Through mobile applications that integrate connectivity and function, you can attend meetings, share documents, chat and collaborate as needed. You can also gain access to data centers to manage databases and such.

Usage control: Mobile VoIP allows you to take control of all your communications. Your voice mail, data collaborations, emails and all else can be accessible through one interface while you're mobile. That's a lot of power in such a small convenient device.

Presence: While on the go, your workforce can stay connected and working together. This is crucial when you want to grow your business. By taking advantage of the perks of VoIP, people can stay connected wherever they are – all while spending pretty much the same for communications. There are no long distance or roaming costs to worry about.

Reduced Cost: Of course, you can't ignore the tremendously slashed down prices available via VoIP. When you equip yourself with mobile VoIP, you reduce communications costs that you'd otherwise incur from long distance calls and the like.

When you do use mobile VoIP, it is important to ensure that your VoIP works 99% of the time. It is useless to go mobile and not have your phone network deliver good service. You can't stay connected if your service provider is bad in the first place.

You can do this with services like VoIP Spear, which monitors your phone service 24/7. You get to know problem areas before they affect your day-to-day. The service monitors key factors in VoIP quality, such as jitter, packet loss and latency.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Best Mobile VoIP Tools for Business

One of the perks of switching to VoIP is the viability of working efficiently outside your office. You can be on the go, and still be reachable and “fully-functional.” You have access to data and can integrate with the office work flow remotely.

To do this, you need the help of reliable mobile VoIP apps. There are several options when it comes to this, varying in terms of simplicity and features. When you select one for your “official” use, choose one based on the tasks that you need accomplished while on the go. If you think that you need to rely on your mobile VoIP tool for long periods of time and for a lot of tasks, get the feature-rich ones, even when you have to pay for it.

Here are some of the best mobile VoIP tools that you should try:
Skype: Of course, Skype is on this list. As one of the pioneers in free VoIP, Skype has endured the rapid growth of the industry. It still offers free VoIP, on mobile or for your desktop, which comes with chat. Plus, it offers business VoIP options for those who want more powerful and dedicated service.

Skype remains one of the more useful apps that you should download to your phone. Many users who have paid VoIP accounts elsewhere retain their Skype account because of the big number of users still on Skype. It is a guaranteed way of linking up with new partners and prospective clients.

Fring: The great thing about Fring is that it tries to be your mobile communication hub. It has features that allow you to integrate mobile calls, chats, social media and email, all in one place. That's a lot of power for a free app. Get Fring if you want convenience in your mobile communications.

Vopium: This is another free VoIP app that works well with an account with Vopium. The features are basic. You can make calls at slashed down rates. When there's wi-fi, calls and roaming are free. Apart from being a mobile app, you can also install the app on your desktop.

Truphone: Truphone is similar to Vopium such that its defining feature is the ability to make long distance calls at discounted rates. The call quality is better though. And it is rated more highly by its users.

Nimbuzz: This is a nimble little app that can be installed in different devices, from phones to desktops. It is also very powerful. It offers several VoIP options. Plus, you ca integrate the app with several chat services. It then becomes a one-stop mobile shop, where you can keep in touch with your clients and partners on the go.

Beejive: This is a paid service but can be worth it when you want a powerful tool to assist you as you work on the go. Through it, you can integrate several chat and VoIP accounts. When you've got a lot to deal with while on the move, get this app.

Remember that when go to the trouble to set this up on your phone or tablet, make sure you are on a VoIP network that works as hard as you do.

Ensure that your VoIP works 99% of the time by getting a VoIP monitoring account at VoIP Spear, the no-hassle provider of reliable 24/7/365 VoIP testing services.