Friday, January 24, 2014

VoIP Spear Adds New Monitoring Servers

It's good to know that the VoIP Spear team has expanded its network of testing servers. We are already relying on their VoIP monitoring service. The addition of servers means that test results become more accurate, especially when it comes to endpoints outside North America. With new testing server locations in North America, Europe, Asia and South America, users can now select where monitoring tests originate.

North America: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami
Europe: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Moscow, Milan, Madrid
Asia: Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo), Singapore, India (Chennai)
South America: Chile (Vina del Mar), Panama (Panama City)

VoIP Spear's lead development team took 6 months to perfect this truly global VoIP monitoring service. Users have free reign on which servers test their endpoints. They can set it up when they set up or edit endpoint (bottom of the page). We're happy with how things turned out. We've updated some of our endpoints. The rest are in the USA so they're good, as is.

We are looking forward to more from VoIP Spear. Even without these new servers, we were already quite happy with their service. I suppose we should be ecstatic now lol! But seriously, VoIP Spear is providing us VoIP service providers with a great, reliable and hassle-free service. I really appreciate that the team continues to work toward improvement and expansion.

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