Sunday, October 20, 2013

Using a VoIP Quality Test Tool

VoIP SpearVoIP Spear is a VoIP quality monitoring company that offers its own VoIP quality test tool to home users and business enterprises. It has been in the VoIP industry for more than 12 years now, and practically developed alongside the transformation of VoIP into a commercially viable telecommunications alternative. Through those years, VoIP Spear saw the need to test VoIP quality consistently and to diagnose results accurately. (VoIP problems do seem more frustrating when you don't know what's causing them.) And, as VoIP made leaps and bounds, VoIP Spear's technology followed. The VoIP Spear VoIP Quality Test Tool was developed.

Now, more than ever, end users need a VoIP quality test tool. In order for the increasing acceptance of VoIP as a main means of communication to be sustained, there has to be a reliable way of testing VoIP suitability, and monitoring VoIP quality of service.

For end users, the use of a VoIP quality test tool can give them a sense of control when it comes to their VoIP service, especially when call quality fluctuates. VoIP remains dependent on network connections. When a user experiences internet problems, their VoIP service suffers as well. But, a typical end user can't know for sure what causes their VoIP problems. The tool available through VoIP Spear can pinpoint issues. And, in some cases, the end user can do something about problems found, possibility through updating the priority services under their QoS configuration tool (more about this in future blogs).

VoIP service providers should likewise make use of VoIP Spear's VoIP Quality Test Tool. The tool is available to use for multiple endpoints, at test intervals set by the service administrator. Through such monitoring, the service administrator can know potential VoIP problems, traffic bottlenecks and other network problems, ideally before these affect the VoIP's end user. In the long run, addressing issues before it affects clients can sustain the growth of the VoIP markets -- perhaps until the point when VoIP is no longer too network dependent.

Until then, vigilance is a requisite. Call quality testing and monitoring are musts for both service provider and end user.

And for this, they get the benefit of more affordable telecommunications, increased accessibility and communications convergence. There really is no turning back from VoIP. It is the next level in telecommunications. Perhaps, the typical VoIP problems that we experience now are merely growing pains. There's just so much advantages to using VoIP as your main telecommunications. And, there is still so much potential for the industry. Surely, more technological advancements will come.

For now, make the most of your VoIP service by using VoIP Spear''s VoIP Quality Test Tool. Test your VoIP quality and experience the best possible digital telecommunications.

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